The Best Of This is the best footage taken since starting this business, all edited together. Really cool!! AVS can fly/film anything from live events, Car Lots, Yacht Yards, Hotels, Racing events, Car Shows, Inspection of any communication towers, water towers, demolition, construction, the beach and sooo much more. Click about above, for more applications.

We are an experienced Aerial Video Filming and Production Company, specializing in hard to get to areas, that a Helicopter photographer cannot get to or areas that any size Helicopter cannot access! This is a ZERO emissions RC and doing our little part to help environment!

Please read this awesome story by which is the company I use for all video editing:








The Multi-Rotor we are using can fly very precisely, a few inches from any surface, ground, pool, ocean or rooftop, all the way up to several hundred feet, to get that aerial perspective that just cannot be duplicated. Flying through narrow areas, including buildings, city streets or natural obstructions. We utilize the latest High Definition Digital Video Cameras that provide many different angles and wide angle of views. Please click on “About Aerial Video Shots” on the top of the page for more specific info. We look forward to working with you and providing Video and still shots that will amaze you! You will without a doubt be ahead of your competition, having these on your website and for your customers to view. Will kick your companies marketing, to a whole new level!

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