Hendry County Motorsports Park Racers and Awesome Attendee’s & Crowd! Thank you!!!

To all the racers and attendee’s at the Saturday night race on March 5th! I want to personally thank you for you acceptance and your willingness to ask questions and be as engaged as you were!! You are an incredible crowd!!! You could tell at first you were not that comfortable with me flying my Quadcopter above you, but was told by many of you, how much you trusted me, after seeing what I could do with my Quadcopter and could tell I have extensive experience flying. It takes a lot of crashing to get good and is expensive, of course, when you have what you do for a living flying around relying on your experience and equipment. I will make available, as much footage as I can, so you guys can enjoy the footage. It is really amazing footage and the track was amazing to shoot!

Once I post some videos on this site and my YouTube Channel, feel free to subscribe to my channel, which is the same as my website name  aerialvideoshots.com or you can use this link to go directly to my YouTube Page:


Click on the Red Subscribe Button on the top right side of the page and when I post the videos from Saturday night’s race, you can go straight to my page and see the footage for the different races. Please keep in mind that this was the first aerial live event and there are a lot of changes to make it better. Each time it will get better. If anyone would like to find out more about having some aerial footage shot, please email me 

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