Aerial Media Services

These are some of the exciting applications and uses that are currently being used with this technology

  • Special Live Events – Outside Live Musical & Concert events, Race Tracks, Charity Walks/Runs, Car Shows, Grand Openings, Auto, Motorcycle and Boat/Yachts Lots or Yards, Motorcycle Races, Flea Markets. We can even fly inside of larger convention centers (if allowed) and get shots that no one else will be able to provide.
  • All types of Real Estate – High End Estates with larger lots or acreage, View of your High Rise Condo at height of Condo Floor, from all different angles, altitudes and variations of your property, other aerial photographers just cannot match.
  • Construction – Current images of site progress and completed projects, based on timeline of construction. If you live up north and would like an aerial shot every 2 weeks or monthly, to see progress on your construction job site without having to fly down.
  • Commercial property – We can do an outside perimeter shot from various altitudes depending on the job. Aerial Photographers, can’t shoot property flying from 2 inches above the ground or over ocean/pool/canal. We can actually fly the camera really close to the surface, to get amazing unseen footage.
  • Any water sports, from fishing, ¬†yachting, or cruising the intra-coastal. If you would like to see what your Vessel looks like from a few feet above to various altitudes you would like, or just sitting at the dock, or while moving. If you add a short aerial film to your marketing of you boat, this gives the buyer all angles, above the ground. It will help sell it too.
  • Cell Tower, Water Tower, Larger Antennae Inspections. Keeping people on the ground and safe.
  • Many more applications discovering every day

More Aerial Video Options
360 Panoramic Views
Aerial Data Collection
Air-Boat Tour Video’s
Air Conditioning Inspection on Roofs
Auto Dealer Inventory
Bridge Inspections
Building Contracts
Building Inspections
Business Inventory
Crane Inspections
Estate Photography
Everglades Park Inspection
Farm/Ranch Acreage Inspections
Fire Control
Golf Course HD Aerial Video
Golf Course Planning
Home Owner Association Aerial Video of Clubhouse/Entrance, Pool, Tennis Courts
Hurricane Damage Inspection
Hotel Aerial View for Marketing and Website
Insurance Inspection
Insurance Damage Assessment
Land Appraisal
Land Development
Landscaping Inspection of Multi-Locations Facilities for Company Owner
Law Enforcement
Legal/Forensic Data Collection
Personal Property Documentation
Private Investigation/Surveillance
Resorts and Recreation
Retail Site Planning
Structure and Barrier Inspection
TV News / Commercials
University/Schools Aerial Video Tour
Video Production
Video Surveillance
Wildlife Management


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